Our Programs

We offer a variety of services to our community

Advocacy with opinion leaders/stakeholders on creating a conducive inclusive environment for the LGBTIQ+ Persons in western Kenya and ensuring the safety and security of our Human Rights Defenders {HRDs} that we work with in the the region.

Sexual and reproductive health programs.

Education and Distribution of condoms, water-based lubricants and HIV self test kits.

Mental health programs, including group sessions and one-on-one sessions with trained mental health counsellors.

Drug and substance abuse counselling and interventions with GBMSMs who use drugs and other substances. This includes addiction counselling, family therapies, one-on-onesessions, and alcoholics anonymous/12-step sessions.

Addressing and documenting cases of gender-based violence and doing appropriate referrals with like minded partners as we ensure survivors get appropriate services and support towards mental wellness through our trained paralegal contact persons.

Group counseling sessions.